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WiMi Hologram Cloud, Inc. is a leading comprehensive solution provider for holographic services and products based on augmented reality (“AR”) technology in China. We offer AR-based holographic services and products, focusing on providing an innovative, immersive, and interactive holographic AR experience for our customers and end users. We also provide central processing algorithm services and computer chip products to enterprise customers and offer comprehensive solutions for central processing algorithms and related services with software and hardware integration. 

Our AR service and product offerings primarily consist of holographic AR advertising services and holographic AR entertainment products. Our holographic AR advertising software enables users to insert and seamlessly integrate real or animated three-dimensional (“3D”) objects into video footage. Our online holographic AR advertising solution embeds holographic AR advertisements into video content hosted by leading online streaming platforms in China. Utilizing our proprietary image and video recognition technologies, our software enables users to analyze video footage at the pixel level and identify advertising spaces that can be augmented by 3D objects. Advertisers and advertising agencies purchase these advertising spaces through application programming interfaces (APIs) integrated within our systems. These purchasers of advertising space then specify their target audience and budgets and typically providing the 3D models to be embedded in the videos. When the advertising space is detected and the 3D objects have been generated, our software automatically embeds the 3D objects into the video content on a batch-processing basis.

Our holographic AR entertainment products include payment middleware software, game distribution platforms, and holographic MR software. Our AR holographic entertainment business is based on users’ demand for entertainment applications in the field of 3D computer vision. With the rapid development and popularization of AR holographic hardware devices, we expect that there will be even greater scope for adoption and application of our AR holographic entertainment products in the future.

The core of our holographic AR business is holographic AR technologies used in software engineering, content production, cloud computing, and big data. At present, our holographic AR business customers include advertisers, distribution channels, app developers, and entertainment companies. Our customer base covers a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, real estate, entertainment, technology, media and telecommunications, travel, education, and retail.  

We began to develop our semiconductor business in July, 2020. Our semiconductor business now provides central processing algorithm services and computer chip products to enterprise customers and offers comprehensive solutions for central processing algorithms and related services with software and hardware integration. The application demand for holographic 3D vision in the semiconductor industry is growing rapidly and represents a huge potential market for us. Our semiconductor business’ customers are primarily manufacturers of electronic products and internet information infrastructure service providers. We provide manufacturers of electronic products with software and hardware integrated solutions that combine chip hardware and intelligent application software. In addition, we offer hardware products and server algorithm optimization and integration solution services to internet information infrastructure service providers.

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